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Eye Mask Duo Bundle

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What is It

The Eye Mask Duo Bundle features our two best-selling Eye Mask Jars. The nourishing avocado and green tea infused eye patches will hydrate and depuff your tired eyes. The avocado will moisturize and target dry skin. While the green tea will energize and depuff your under eyes. The watermelon and rose petal infused eye patches are antioxidant-rich that will brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines for refreshed under eyes. Each of our hydrogel masks is made from aloe vera water and plant cellulose, making them gentle enough for any skin type and totally biodegradable. Each jar includes 30 pairs. These juicy patches will become your new go-to in your beauty routine. Say goodbye to stress. Treat and relax your under eyes, you deserve it.







Hero Ingredients:

Watermelon extract

A powerful antioxidant that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, and age spots.

Rose extract

Anti-inflammatory extract that reduces and soothe irritation.

Avocado Oil

Avocados are extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which translates to happy nourished skin.


The anti-inflammatory extract soothes and reduces inflammation. As well as minimize puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Green tea

Promotes DNA repair within skin to keep skin looking young and fighting signs of aging.

Licorice Root

Fights wrinkles, brightens, soothes irritation and conditions skin.

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How to use it?

Place 1 pair of gels onto clean, dry under-eye area for 15 minutes. You can place the pointy side of the mask outwards to target under eye puffiness and wrinkles or place the pointy side inwards to target crows feet. Discard after use and massage remaining serum into skin.

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