3 Easy Steps To Achieve Laminated Brows at Home

3 Easy Steps To Achieve Laminated Brows at Home

Fluffy AKA laminated brows are oh-so-popular right now and with brow appointments a long distant memory, we're doing our best to achieve this trending look at home. 

before and after laminated brows

With products from only £5 we've got the ultimate 3 step guide to achieving laminated brows at home. 

1. Use the spoolie brush from you BFF Brow wax styling set to comb through brows.

2. Use a fine tip pencil like our Good Brow Day pencil to fill in your brows with hair-like strokes. Fill as little or as much as you like. 

Good Brow Day Pencil

3.. The final step is to use our BFF clear brow gel or BFF Brow Wax. These must-haves have been described as 'super glue' for your brows and we guarantee it'll keep your brows in place all day (and even all night once we're allowed out again). Brush in upward strokes if you really love an enhanced laminated look.

Enriched with castor oil and vitamin E our BFF brow gel also helps to grow & nourish your brows. Win Win. 

The beauty Crop brow wax

Hint: If you don't like to fill in your brows with pigment, skip steps 1 & 2 and go straight for our BFF clear brow gel or BFF Brow Wax. Comb upwards for an instant fluffy brow look. 

You can shop all these products on our website here. 

Laminated Brow looks


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