An interview with Amelia Olivia about her collection with The Beauty Crop

An interview with Amelia Olivia about her collection with The Beauty Crop

Over two years ago, we first spotted Amelia on TikTok with her viral Paula's Choice video (you probably saw it too, right?). Her bubbly personality and glowy makeup stood out, and we knew we had to work with her!

As our partnership has flourished, it felt only right to release our first collection collaboration. Amelia has grown alongside us as a brand over the last few years, and we're incredibly grateful for all her support. It's been inspiring for us to watch her love for our products develop, with essential favourites like our Glow Milk, Oui Cherie mist and Juice Pots going viral numerous times on TikTok. 

You will see elements of her original favourites across this collection, from the shades, formulas and glowy-finish. We feel this collection is a true reflection of everything Amelia loves in her makeup routine, of course, considering everything her audience equally loves, too. 

Over a year in the making, the day has finally come to launch the Amelia Olivia collection! Amongst all the excitement, we caught up with Amelia to answer a few of your questions about the collection and delve into the product's inspiration. 

We thought the best way to start is diving right into TikTok. Can you tell us a little about your journey with TikTok, including why you started and your most popular videos?

I started TikTok in Jan 2020. I had an eyebrow tutorial that went viral on new years day; ever since then, i thought I'd try to post every day as I knew you needed to stay consistent. I noticed in the coming months that my chatty GRWM's or any video I did of dupes, and hacks where I spoke performed the best. So I decided to run with the fact I needed to always talk to the camera, which blew up my account almost instantly. My main and best performing videos are my GRWM's, which i love filming.

Amelia olivia glow milk mist

Is there something you particularly love about TikTok? How was it transitioning into TikTok as your full-time job? (congratulations by the way!) 

I love helping people in any way, and I think it's such a superpower; we all have to be kind and help anyone we can. My brain seems to understand how to apply makeup, what methods and tips will work well for products, etc., so the fact I can help people with their makeup game, which may make them feel more confident, is just the best feeling.

I quit my job in 2020 to do another project of my own, so technically, I've done TikTok full-time from day dot.

When did you first start working with The Beauty Crop and what made you want to work with us? 

The Beauty Crop were the first brand to send me PR (so kind of you), and then the first time I worked with you was on a 10-second brow challenge for the BFF brow gel. I really loved how you were vegan cruelty free, and had good quality products for affordable prices.

We know there are a few, but could you tell us about your favourite Beauty Crop products and what you love most about the brand?

My fave products of yours are the Coco Gold primer, as it's such a good blurring primer and Oui Cheri Mist, as it makes your skin like glass and melts all your makeup together. I also love the team behind the beauty crop and the fact you are accessible and affordable.

Amelia Olivia x The Beauty Crop collection

This has been such an exciting journey collaborating with you! We'd love to hear about the process, inspiration and involvement from your perspective…

The journey of creating my collection has been so fun, I used to create & design products in my old job with factories, so to be able to do it with my name on the bottle has been crazy. It's taken around a year to perfect and get right as I'm so picky. We've had endless samples of each product because I wanted it to be as perfect as possible. Also, the packaging was a little easier as we kept it on brand with the beauty crop, you have such fun packaging!

Around a month ago, we finally got the winning formula, and it was all systems go for the event and launch.

Amelia Olivia x The Beauty Crop collaboration

What was the inspiration behind your 'pink pineapple' blush shade? Was it influenced by your community on tiktok/other products you love?

So the 'Pink Pineapple' blush shade really represents me as a blush, the candy/baby doll pink is what I love to bathe my face in! It makes your skin look so fresh and adds a little naturalness to your full glam looks. I of course, had to add a glow in too because i think I'm known for my glowy base - haha. I love having a full face of makeup on, but your skin still looks like fresh, dewy skin.

Amelia Olivia x The Beauty Crop collection

If your collection was expanded, what other products would you love to create?

Cream versions of the blush, as I love cream products. Then also cream bronzers as I'm obsessed with looking nice and bronzed like I've been on holiday.

Amelia olivia blusher and glow milk mist
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