Everything you need to know about lip oils

Everything you need to know about lip oils

Lip oils are the latest trend in lip care that you've undoubtedly seen all over TikTok, and for good reason too. They offer many benefits that make them stand out from traditional lip balms and lip glosses. In this blog, we'll explore everything you need to know about lip oils and why we huge fans!

The Difference Between Lip Oil & Lip Gloss

Firstly, let's understand how lip oil differs from lip gloss. Lip gloss is a shiny or glossy lip product that adds a reflective sheen to your lips, glosses have a tendency to feel stickier on the lip. On the other hand, lip oil provides a more subtle and natural finish while nourishing and hydrating your lips but still giving a gorgeous sheen. 

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How to Apply Lip Oil

Applying lip oil is easy. Simply use the applicator to apply a thin layer of oil onto your lips. You can also use your fingers to apply it evenly. Unlike lip gloss, lip oil is not sticky or heavy, so you won't have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your lips. Win win. 

Which Products Can You Use With a Lip Oil

Lip oil can be used alone or in combination with other products. You can use it as a primer before applying lipstick to prevent your lips from drying out. We love to line with our lipped cream lipped liners first, and then top the look off with our Lipped Cream lip oil for a hydrated, glossy lip! You can also use a lip oil over your favourite matte lipsticks to create a sheen. 

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Is Lip Oil Long Lasting?

Lip oil is not as long-lasting as lipstick, but it does provide longer-lasting hydration than lip gloss. It's recommended to reapply lip oil every 2-3 hours, depending on your lips' dryness level.

Is Lip Oil Good for Your Lips?

Lip oil is excellent for your lips. It contains natural oils that nourish and hydrate your lips, making them soft and supple. It also creates a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects your lips from external factors like the sun, wind, and cold weather. For example. Our Lipped Cream lip oils are enriched with a lip loving blend of Jojoba oil and Vitamin E which helps keep your lips unbelievably soft and nourished.


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Try adding a lip oil to your collection and see the difference it makes for yourself! You can try our Lipped Cream lip oils here and don’t forget to try a lipped cream lip liner with the look too. 

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