Graces Faces x The Beauty Crop

Graces Faces x The Beauty Crop: The journey from idea to launch

Grace’s Faces 2.0 is here and her plans to add something pink as well as a skincare/makeup hybrid to her collection have come to life! Meet the NEW multitasking Moisturising Priming Base! Formulated to provide a smooth base for makeup application, this formula has a rich feel without being greasy and is now essential in Grace’s routine. It instantly hydrates, brightens, and softens the skin, giving you a flawless canvas for makeup. Oh, and it’s pink, of course! 

Graces Faces Moisturising Priming base

Excitingly, the Moisturising Priming Base also recently underwent a clinical study, and was found to be:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Non-pore blocking

    *4-week independent clinical study of 20 people under dermatological control.

    Graces faces priming base

    In addition to the Prep & Pamper set, Grace has now launched the new Day to Night set. A 6-piece set that has everything you need to create a flawless canvas for makeup application during the day and makeup removal at night. 

    The set includes Grace’s NEW Moisturising Priming Base, Refillable Cleansing Balm (that you know, and love!), Coco Gold Primer, Peptide Calm Lip Treatment in Lychee, hand-held heart mirror & a set of Grace’s Faces hair clips. 

    “My absolute essentials for that pre-makeup and post-makeup glow!” - Grace

    Check out the Priming Base in action below:


    @thebeautycrop Melt the day away using The Beauty Crop x Graces Faces cleansing balm💓🫧 #thebeautycrop #thebeautycropxgracesfaces #cleansingbalm #makeupremoval ♬ Chillest in the Room - L.Dre


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    Continue below to catch up on Grace’s inspiration & the launch of her first collection in 2023…

    A few years ago we spotted Grace (@graces.faces_) on TikTok when she tested out our Glow Milk Liquid Highlighter that she picked up in Superdrug (she actually worked there at the time, too). This was in our older packaging, which shows just how long we've known her and we've loved working with Grace and her infectious personality ever since! 

    Grace has always been so supportive of The Beauty Crop, testing, trying and raving about many of our products. Particularly our Vitamin Babe Setting Powder and Avocado Cleansing Balm, which she has sent viral on numerous occasions and shared with her incredible community across social! 

    Through launches, events, photoshoots and lots of meetings, our relationship with Grace has blossomed, and early this year we discussed an exclusive collaboration. Thankfully, Grace loved the idea and we set to work on bringing Grace's vision to life. 

    After months of work, Graces Faces x The Beauty Crop is finally here, and we can't wait to share it with you all! This 6-piece set features Grace’s must have essentials, her 3-in-1 cleansing balm, cleansing balm refill, VIRAL Coco Gold primer, Vitamin Babe pink setting powder, headband & set of hair clips. So whether you’re an experienced pro or new to skincare and makeup this is the perfect combination to unlock perfectly prepped & set skin, just like Grace!

    To help you understand more about the collaboration and the products Grace has created, we caught up with her to answer a few questions. Read on to discover her inspiration, life transitioning into TikTok full-time and the journey to launching her own collection with The Beauty Crop.

    Hey Grace! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey with TikTok, including why you started and your most popular videos?

    Of course! I’ve been posting on TikTok for over 3 years now but only over the last 2 years have people started to follow along and watch me regularly. I started to gain a following as soon as I started talking in my videos- I think this may be because this is when I started to show my personality more. My first talking video was my first ‘viral’’ video, it was a get ready with me to go to a concert and it reached 1 million views in around 5 days- a drastic difference from the 100 views I was previously averaging at! I originally started documenting my love for makeup on instagram in august 2019 after finally plucking up the courage that I’d been building for years whilst being fearful of people’s judgement. It was actually the mmmmitchell x beauty bay collaboration which gave me the final push I needed to create my account as I was so excited to play with the palette and I wanted a space where I could post the pictures that would normally just sit in my camera roll.

    I was so reluctant to download TikTok initially as I just saw it as the old platform which had died off years before so I didn’t think it would be any good. However, as people spoke about it more, curiosity got the better of me and I reluctantly downloaded it and posted my first makeup video. It was an awful transition video. I look back now and cringe so badly! But everyone starts somewhere and I remember overnight it got 500 views which was literally insane to me at the time as I was used to my posts only being viewed by my 50 instagram followers. 

    Is there something you particularly love about TikTok and the community you have built?

    My favourite thing about my Tiktok community has to be how supportive they are. I often get told that by sharing my unfiltered, real, raw skin, I give people the confidence to embrace their skin too. However, I don’t think my followers realise how mutual it is. The messages and comments I receive about how I’ve helped people allow me to continue to embrace my skin, even on days where I may not feel like it, as I know how beneficial it can be for so many.

    Graces Faces The Beauty Crop

    How was it transitioning into TikTok as your full-time job whilst also finishing your degree? Do you have any tips for anyone hoping to do the same?

    Honestly, the transition was pretty seamless! In august 2022 I left my part time job at Superdrug to focus all of my time on my social media as I was so busy all of a sudden and I was having to turn down shifts quite frequently. This was during my summer break from uni so at that point Tiktok was the only thing I had to focus on.

    When I started my last year of uni in September 2022 it was a different story. If I’m honest I really struggled to balance everything and my degree definitely wasn’t my priority. It was hard to prioritise my degree when I was so much more passionate about makeup and social media, particularly as it developed into a career and earned me an income. Regardless , I stuck out my degree & I graduated in July 2023 with no regrets! If there is anyone else hoping to do the same, time management and organisation are going to be your best friends (hence why I struggled haha!).

    When did you first start working with The Beauty Crop and what made you want to work with us? 

    I first started working with the beauty crop when my TikTok first started to grow, I think it was around April 2022, so they are actually one of the first brands that believed in me which is so nice to look back on now that I have my collaboration with them! I’d seen the beauty crop products all over TikTok & was desperate to try them. I remember I bought the Glow Milk Highlighter (in the OG packaging) using my Superdrug staff discount on payday and tested it out for a video. The Beauty Crop picked this up and I remember they sent me the BIGGEST PR package with nearly every product in. I was absolutely made up!

    I actually still have a picture of the PR package because it arrived at my mum's house whilst I was at uni so she unboxed it for me.

    The rest is history!

    grace faces the beauty crop collection

    We know there’s a few, but could you tell us about your favourite Beauty Crop products, and what you love most about the brand?

    The Vitamin Babe Powder is of course a fave of mine! I am very picky with powders and it is definitely my most used one. I’m so passionate about not filtering my pictures and videos and I think that’s why I love the powder so much because it really does blur the skin so well; It’s like a real life filter! This is why I wanted the powder in my gift set & thought the pink shade would be perfect for the pink theme of the range!

    The Avocado Cleansing Balm is again an obvious contender! My love for this balm has sold it out on numerous occasions because it really is THAT good! This is what led to my cleansing balm collaboration. It was honestly difficult to try and formulate a balm that I love even more than the avocado balm but I was prepared for the challenge and we found the perfect formula in the end.

    Lastly, of course, the primers. The Beauty Crop know how to make a great primer! I love how there is a primer for all skin types and all desired looks. Since working with the brand on my collaboration, what I love most about it has definitely changed. If you’d have asked me this in July 2022 I’d have said the fact that they make amazing makeup! However, since working together I have seen first hand how important authenticity is to Ning & the team, which aligns with my values perfectly. This collaboration evolved from my authentic love for the products, specifically the cleansing balm, which I’m so proud and happy to be able to say about my first ever brand collaboration. 

    The Beauty Crop Graces Faces Balm

    This has been such an exciting journey collaborating with you! We’d love to hear about the process, inspiration and involvement from your perspective…

    It has been so exciting! We’ve been working on this since the very start of this year and it’s been super top secret so I can’t believe people will finally have their hands on it soon! The process started by looking at components. This is The Beauty Crop’s first refillable balm so a new component was needed! Then we tested out different formulas, fed back on what I liked and didn’t like & repeated that until I had my perfect balm.

    Inspiration for the balm was of course the Avocado Cleansing Balm but I wanted it to be less fragranced, even more powerful at melting off makeup and, of course, PINK! When choosing a colour scheme I did look at a few options but the obvious choice for me was pink. I also love silver so I really wanted some silver accents! There was a moment where we thought the frosted gradient component wouldn't be possible, but the next day the gradient sample arrived and it was exactly what I wanted. The packaging worked out perfectly and I am obsessed with it!

    What was the inspiration and thought process behind your cleansing balm? Was it influenced by your community on TikTok / personal skin journey?

    As mentioned previously, the initial inspiration formula-wise was of course the Avocado Cleansing Balm. I wanted to make a balm that would work for as many people as physically possible, those with sensitive skin, acne prone skin etc.

    Initially I had the idea of a completely unscented balm as I know fragrance doesn’t work with everyone’s skin types. However, it is very difficult with cleansing balms to get them completely unscented without an unpleasant smell occurring. Due to this, the balm is slightly scented at the lightest level possible with no synthetic fragrance, making it as gentle as possible whilst being super effective at removing makeup with speed and ease.

    If your collection was expanded, what other products would you love to create?

    I would love to create some more products! Obviously they would have to be pink! I’d definitely like to explore some more skincare options, potentially skincare & makeup hybrids! Who knows what could happen, watch this space! 

    Grace xox

    Watch Grace's announcement video below:


    @graces.faces_ Replying to @Hollie Sartini I can finally tell you all!! @thebeautycrop ♬ original sound - Graces.faces_



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