How to zone prime for your skin type

How to zone prime for your skin type

What is zone priming 

If you’ve been on tiktok recently you probably heard the term ‘zone priming’ crop up on makeup tutorials. Although not a new technique, it’s certainly increasing in popularity, especially for people that have combination skin. The simplest way to explain zone priming, is targeting different skin concerns (such as oiliness or dryness) with one or more primers. 

An example: you use a hydrating primer on your cheeks as you suffer with dry skin. However, your t-zone is oily, so you use a poreless/oil controlling primer on your t-zone. This simple technique is an easy way to create a flawless base that lasts all day. Continue reading for our favourite primers for each skin type, as well as some combinations we love for zone priming. 

Zone priming for combination skin

Combination skin usually feels oily in the T-zone (the area that includes your forehead, nose, and chin) but dry elsewhere. If you notice two or more different textures on your face, it is a sign that you have combination skin. 

Combination skin can really benefit from zone priming. We recommend using a hydrating primer on your cheeks and facial perimeter, one like our Melon Jelly or Rose hydrating primer would be perfect. Where you find your skin more oily, and pores larger, a primer like our avocado poreless primer or Coco gold primer will help reduce the visibility of pores and control oil. 

coco gold perfecting primer

Becky from The Beauty Crop team has combination skin, and this is how she uses our primers:

“I have combination skin and my perfect base is the avocado poreless primer on my t-zone or the coco gold primer for ultimate hold and then the melon jelly primer for the perimeter of my face to keep it hydrated. It is chefs kiss”

Do you really need a makeup primer?

This question is subjective of course, but to us, a primer is the not-so-secret-secret to flawless, long-lasting makeup. Many, like those in our collection, also boast skincare benefits. So not only does your makeup look and feel better with a primer, but you can also target skin concerns and help your skin glow too. With the added technique of zone-priming you can truly get the most from your makeup with a primer.

The best primers for oily and acne prone skin 

If you have oily and acne prone skin, you may find your makeup can often look cakey as it clings to your breakouts and oily areas? Our Coco Gold perfecting primer is the answer to your troubles! The hydrating formula enriched with coconut oil helps to diminish pores and fine lines, whilst creating a flawless base for makeup application. It is also free from parabens and mineral oil. For those looking for more of a natural dewy look, we also recommend our Vitamin Babe primer which is non-comedogenic and enriched with skin loving Vitamin C

Customer review of Coco Gold: 

“A beautiful primer and perfect for using under my matte based foundations. A little goes a long way and it helps my pores to shrink for a flawless base.” - Shelly

The best primer for dry skin 

Dry skin needs all the hydration it can get to ensure your makeup doesn’t flake. A primer like our Rose Glow Hydrating primer or Melon jelly primer help to lock in moisture, whilst illuminating skin. They are also ​​non-comedogenic, meaning they are specifically formulated to not block or clog pores. 


“I use either rose glow or melon jelly for the perimeter of my face, and typically opt for melon jelly if I am wearing more makeup as I like the tacky finish for foundation. I use coco gold on my t-zone, mainly the nose area to help mattify as I tend to get oily there.”

rose glow hydrating primer

The best primer for dull / acne prone skin 

Newest to our primer collection, is our Vitamin Babe brightening primer. This primer is perfect for all skin types, but dull, oily and acne prone skin will see the biggest benefit. The oil free jelly texture leaves a tacky feeling after application, making it a great base for long-lasting makeup. It’s also enriched with Vitamin C, which helps to brighten skin as well as aid with oil control, and thanks to its non-comedogenic formula, it does not block or clog pores.

The best primer for dull and dehydrated skin

Formulated with skin blurring technology and avocado oil that hydrates, our Avocado poreless primer is great for dull and dehydrated skin. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E which gives its nourishing properties that translates to a happy, healthy complexion. This formula is a milky serum that smoothes over skin, hiding pores as you apply and gives a silky base for long-lasting makeup.

If you like a more gripping primer, try our Oui Cherie Gripping Primer. An oil-free formula that helps to hydrate skin and create a gripping base for long-lasting makeup! (seriously, it won't budge!) Nourished with cherry extract and hyaluronic acid, this primer is also our go-to for all-day hydration, and we love the unique red hue that applies clear. There's no wonder it went viral on TikTok. 

the beauty crop viral oui cherie primer

Zone priming combinations we love

Oily & acne prone skin: Coco Gold & Vitamin babe perfecting primer

Combination Skin: Coco Gold & Melon Jelly

Dull & Dehydrated skin: Avocado Poreless & Rose Glow

Mature skin: Avocado Poreless Primer & Vitamin Babe perfecting Primer

For the perfect makeup base: Avocado poreless primer & Oui Cherie gripping primer


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