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Why is my makeup separating? The difference between silicone based & water based makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are various formulations available, each offering unique benefits. Two popular types of bases: silicone based makeup and water based makeup. Understanding the difference between these two is crucial to ensure you get the best from your makeup and the right formula for your skin type. 

If you find that your makeup is often separating, it could be because of water and silicone based formulas, likely in your primer or foundation.

What is silicone based makeup?

Silicone based makeup is formulated with silicone derivatives, which give it a smooth and silky texture. This type of makeup is known for its ability to create a flawless and long-lasting finish, often found in primers and foundation. Silicone based makeup products are often preferred when long wear and a smooth appearance are desired. They are also popular for their ability to fill in fine lines and pores, creating a smooth canvas for makeup application. 

A simple way to identify silicones is to look for words that end in one of these: –cone, –conol, –silane or –siloxane in the ingredients list.

What is water based makeup? 

Water based makeup, on the other hand, is formulated with water as the main ingredient. This type of makeup is generally lighter in texture and feels more breathable on the skin. Water based makeup is suitable for those with sensitive or acne prone skin, as it is less likely to clog pores or cause irritation. It’s also a popular choice for everyday wear, as it provides a natural and fresh look without feeling heavy on the skin. 

How to tell if makeup is water or silicone based

One of the key differences between silicone-based and water-based makeup is its longevity and finish. Silicone based makeup tends to be more long-wearing and resistant to sweat and oil, making it ideal for events or occasions that require makeup to stay in place for extended periods. On the other hand, water based makeup may need more frequent touch-ups throughout the day but can offer a more natural and lightweight feel. 

When choosing between silicone based and water based makeup, it's important to consider your skin type, the occasion, and the specific look you want to achieve. Whilst some may love combining both these types of formula, there’s a general rule with the combinations to ensure your makeup doesn’t separate.

Water Based Makeup Primers + Water Based Foundations = Great for dry skin and sensitive skin. Also good for those who are prone to breakouts.

Silicone Based Makeup Primers + Silicone Based Foundations = Great for oily skin.

Water Based Makeup Primers + Silicone Foundations = This combination will likely look great after application, but throughout the day the two formulas repel each other and can cause your makeup to slide off.

Silicone Based Makeup Primers + Water Based Foundations = Will likely cause separation. The silicone in the primer will create a barrier which repels water in your foundation, resulting in no absorption into your skin, makeup separation and unevenness.

Choose your Beauty Crop Primer 

Coco gold - silicone based

Porefilter primer - silicone based

Melon Jelly - water based

Vitamin Babe - water based

Glow Milk primed - water based

Avocado poreless - water based

Rose Glow - water based

SPF Primer - water based

Oui Cherie primer - water based

Both water based and silicone based makeup have their own set of advantages and are suitable for different purposes.

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