How to prevent makeup transfer on your face mask

How to prevent makeup transfer on your face mask

2020 has thrown a lot of things at us (we’ll save that rant for another day) including the compulsory wear of face masks. Totally understand why, and we’re over here buying one in every cute pattern possible. But let’s not hide the fact that makeup transfer and sweaty mask prints on our face are really not-a-vibe. You leave the house at 8am looking cute af but by the time you peel your mask off at 9am you enter your morning meeting with only half a face of makeup and lipstick smeared all over your mask - ew. 

Thankfully we’re here with the tips & tricks to keep your makeup (and mask) looking cute all day! 


It starts with the base 

Give your makeup a helping hand by making sure your face is moisturised and hydrated. Applying a moisturiser before you start your makeup will prevent flaking and keep everything in place for longer. We also recommend opting for a long wear foundation (if foundation is part of your every day routine) and don’t forget to drink lots of water for that all important hydration!

Less is more 

Packing on the powder may seem like an obvious solution to securing your makeup in place, but honestly, less is more. Use your powder lightly, and press it in with a beauty blender or stiff brush. This way it won’t be sitting on the surface of your skin, and reduces transfer onto your mask. 

Make it Matte 

matte lipsticks

Love some colour on your lips? Us too! Now’s a good time to get back out your matte lipsticks. Our GRLPWR liquid lipsticks are a great option for long-lasting colour and totally mask-proof lips. They’re also enriched with Shea Butter & Vitamin E so your lips don’t crack or flake. 

Ready, get SET 

Throwing this one in there because we’re all guilty of forgetting this step at times. Setting spraaay! Spritz your face after your makeup application for some extra hydration & help your makeup stay in place for longer. It’s a win-win.

Focus on the eyes 

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How about skipping face makeup all together? (don’t forget your skincare, though!). With masks covering almost 50% of your face, why not put some focus on those gorgeous eyes and brows? You could even coordinate your mask to your eye look? Our Cocktail Eyeshadow Palettes are perfect if you’re opting for a bright, bold look. 

Are you going to try these tips? We’d love to know what steps you’re taking to prevent makeup transfer. 

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