Top tips to prevent maskne

Top tips to prevent maskne

Yet another word to add to our 2020 dictionary - maskne. What is it? Basically, every time you wear a face mask, friction is created between the material and your skin, causing irritation. Combined with makeup and moisture from your breath it’s the perfect concoction to build up bacteria, block pores and cause you a skin nightmare. Ew. 

Fear not though, we have some super handy and easy tips to keep that maskne at bay.

Material matters 

Perhaps something you’ve not thought about, but the quality and material of your face mask really can make a difference. Fabrics such as cotton or silk are not only washable & softer on your face, but they also reduce friction from the mask, helping to prevent irritation & rubbing on your skin. So go on, treat yourself to a high quality mask! 

Go makeup free

We mentioned in our previous blog post about focusing your makeup on the eyes. It’s an easy solution to help prevent maskne if you don’t have any makeup on the skin that touches your mask - bye bye bacteria. 

Skin hydration

Your skin is going through a lot right now, keep it happy with hydration! Create a protective barrier by applying moisturiser every day before makeup application, and don’t forget to drink water! Both help prevent maskne, but also speed up the healing process should your skin be suffering, too. 

coco aloe mist

We also love to apply our Aloe Mist throughout the day to keep skin feeling refreshed. Hero ingredients include Purslane, which is packed with nutrients that have anti inflammatory, anti-oxidative, astringent and wound-healing properties. Your skin will thank us, promise. 

Clean clean clean 

Sorry, it’s an obvious one, but just like your makeup brushes, bed sheets, clothes *the list goes on*… wash.your.masks! Opt for washable & reusable masks, and keep them rotating so you always have a clean one at hand. 

Tip: it is recommended to wash face masks at 60 degrees celsius to ensure that bacteria is killed. 

Hand hygiene 

Talking of hands… Hand hygiene has been a key message since the start of the pandemic, not only is it important in slowing the spread of COVID19, it’s also key in helping prevent maskne. You will be touching your face and mask multiple times a day (dare you to count) as you take it on and off, so ensuring your hands are clean will reduce bacteria spreading onto your mask. Keeping a hand sanitizer in your bag is the best way to stay sanitized on the go. 

It seems as though mask wearing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, are you trying any of these tips to help prevent maskne? 

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