How To Prevent Your Eyeshadow From Creasing

How To Prevent Your Eyeshadow From Creasing

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There’s nothing worse than spending a great amount of time on your eyeshadow look and then a few hours later, it begins to crease. So what really causes this to happen? Your eyeshadow creases when there is excess oil production on the eyelids which then starts to seep through the eyeshadow. The key to preventing this is all in the prep process. That’s right. Prepping your lids before applying your eyeshadow means flawless eyeshadow looks that stay in place all day, and no product chilling in the folds of your lids. Want to learn how to give your eyeshadow ultimate staying power that is crease-free? Try these 4 tips and tricks!

Begin with clean lids
    It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to apply eyeshadows to lids that are already oily, because then it would already be a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure your eyelids are clean and free from oils before applying. If you wish, an oil-free eye makeup remover can do the trick.

    Never skip the priming process
      Whether you opt for an eyeshadow primer, or your regular foundation or concealer, you need to ensure you prime your lids. Using a primer prior to applying your shadows not only allows your shadows to stay put, but it also allows the colours to ‘pop’ more. Win-win!

      Set it with powder
        You’ve applied your primer/foundation/concealer. Great. Don’t open that eye just yet! Take your favourite eyeshadow brush, dip it into a little bit of setting powder, then apply it over the lid. This sets whatever base you previously applied so that they don’t settle into your crease, and it also helps to absorb any oil.

        Use powder shadows
          We’re not against cream eyeshadows, but powder eyeshadows are just way more forgiving, especially when we’re fighting the oils. Our Espresso Yourself eyeshadow palette contains super pigmented shades that work amazing whether you’re doing a subtle eye look, or a smokey eye. If you can’t depart from your creams, dusting a light layer of translucent powder or powder eyeshadow in a similar color can make your look last longer.
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