How to use pink setting powder, and why you should try it

How to use pink setting powder, and why you should try it

There are many ways to eliminate shine on your skin, but if you're looking for an alternative to traditional translucent powder, pink setting powder is a great option.  

This powder is exactly what it sounds like; a pink-coloured powder that can be applied to your skin to help oil control and brighten your complexion. In addition, pink setting powders don't have any oil or other ingredients that could clog pores or irritate your skin, and most, like our TikTok viral Vitamin Babe pink powder are talc-free too!

Let's go over some of the benefits of using this alternative to your typical translucent powder:

It is a perfect alternative for those who want to prevent shine without using traditional translucent powder

Pink setting powder is an excellent alternative to translucent powder. It can be used to set your makeup, prevent shine and oil breakthroughs. If you want to avoid the cakey look that comes with using traditional pigmented powders, pink-setting powder is a great option!

Watch our video below to see the difference between pink & translucent powder:



What is the difference between pink powder and translucent setting powder?

The main difference between between pink powder and translucent setting powder is that translucent powder doesn't have any colour and instead has a white-looking formula that applies invisibly on the skin. Pink powder however, has the same pore-filtering powers as a translucent powder, however it is tinted pink. 
the beauty crop pink setting powder

Pink powder helps to brighten under-eyes by colour correcting 

Feel a bit daunted and wonder how on earth a pink powder could even be a good option for setting your makeup? Well, pink helps to counteract the darker tones in your under-eyes, helping your makeup appear brighter. Pink powder is particularly great for fair and rosey to medium-toned skin. 

How to apply pink setting powder 

The best way to use pink powder is to apply it to areas you want to brighten and control oil rather than all over your face. This is often under the eyes and the T-zone. We recommend using a beauty blender or powder puff by gently pressing the product into your skin, letting it sit for a few minutes, and gently brushing off any excess with a fluffy powder brush. Finish your makeup with a setting mist. 

We have a guide to setting mists here if you're trying the right one for your skin type.

When to apply pink powder 

The best time to apply pink powder is right after you have applied your foundation, concealer and liquid products. Letting it set for a few moments before gently brushing off excess pink powder. 

Pink setting powders are especially great if you have oily skin

Pink setting powders are especially perfect if you have oily skin, since many foundations can feel greasy on application, a pink powder helps to seal your foundation in place. 

Our pink powder is a weightless talc-free formula with hydrating technology that melts into skin while blurring the appearance of pores and sets makeup, whilst controlling oil breakthrough.

"I'm so glad I did, it gives a really invisible look under the eyes amazing finish so easy to use it's a brilliant addition to my makeup bag" - Julie N 

"Literally obsessed with this powder! Its like a smoothing filter IRL" - Rachel

"Leaves under-eyes flawless!!" - Bisma

Whether or not you choose to use pink setting powder is up to you, but it's worth trying if you want an alternative method of preventing shine and brightening your under-eyes without using traditional translucent powder. Plus, if it's Kylie Jenner approved, it's The Beauty Crop approved!  

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