The difference between a makeup setting spray and a fixing spray

The difference between a makeup setting spray and a fixing spray

With so many terms in the makeup vocabulary, it can get a little confusing at times. Particularly in the world of face mists, where there's so many on the market, all with different uses. The key to getting the most from your face mists, and makeup, is understanding the difference between Setting sprays and Fixing sprays. Read on to solve the confusion and understand the difference between a setting spray and a fixing spray.   

What is a Setting Spray

Setting sprays typically contains skincare like ingredients, like our dual-phase Oui Cherie or Vitamin Babe Setting Spray, which work to blend the layers of makeup but does not extend the wear length of your makeup. .

Our VIRAL Oui Cherie mist is a setting spray which includes a mix of water, hydrators, and botanical oils, which blend the layers of makeup on your skin so it does not melt or slide giving a seamless look. This is especially useful if you use a lot of powder products in your routine that can make your skin look dry and powdery, so using our Oui Cherie setting spray is a great solution.

Watch the video below to see our Oui Cherie mist in action: 


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What is a Fixing Spray

Unlike a setting spray, which fuses the layers of makeup together, a fixing spray keeps the layers budge-proof. Fixing sprays often contain polymers, like our Glow Milk or PoreFilter mist, to help give your skin a radiant appearance, seal makeup and prolong wear. It forms a barrier that completely locks in your makeup, preventing it from budging or smudging throughout the day. 

The main difference between a makeup setting spray and a fixing spray

To keep it simple, the main difference between a makeup setting spray and a makeup fixing spray lies in their purpose and formulation. While a fixing spray helps keep your makeup in place and extends its longevity, a setting spray adds a natural, dewy finish to your makeup look. Both products have their own unique benefits and can be used together to achieve long-lasting and flawless makeup. 

Another key difference between makeup setting spray and finishing spray is in their application and timing. Fixing spray is typically applied after you have completed your entire makeup routine, as a final step to lock everything in place. Mist a fixing spray evenly over your face to ensure that all layers of makeup are fused together, creating a seamless and natural look. On the contrary, you can apply a setting spray at any point during your makeup application process or even throughout the day to refresh your makeup. 

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So, if you want your makeup to stay put throughout the day, reach for a fixing spray, and if you want to add a radiant finish to your makeup, opt for a setting spray. To get the best of both worlds, try using both in your makeup routine.

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