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What are airless makeup pumps and how to use them correctly

Having trouble with your airless pump products? We use them across our full 20ml primer range! Try our top tips to get them working perfectly and find out more about why we use them. 

What is an airless pump and how does it work?

An airless pump is unlike traditional pumps that use a tube to suck out product from the bottom of a bottle. Instead, an airless pump creates a vacuum when the pump is pressed - pushing out product through the nozzle from the top of the bottle - hence the use of the word ‘airless’.

Get our top tips on airless pumps in this video below 👇🏼


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Why do we use airless pumps?

Airless pumps are a proven way to maintain product efficacy and freshness. Due to less exposure to air and contaminants, there is also less risk of bacteria getting into the product too. We intentionally use airless pumps in our primers, such as our trending Oui Cherie primer because they give a consistent dosage with each pump, reducing product waste. 

P.S all our primer tubes are 100% recyclable. ♻️

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How do I make sure my airless pump works correctly?

When first using, press the pump firmly down expelling as much air as possible from the tube. Don't press the pump halfway. If the product is still refusing to work, turn the tube down to make sure the pump is facing downwards and gently tap it on the palm of your hands or a flat surface so the product moves closer to the pump, dispersing any bubbles to the top of the tube.

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How to store airless pump products

Always store airless pump products, like our primers, in an upright position to avoid any bubbles near the pump, and never ever open the pump cap - this introduces more air into the product making the airless pump unusable.

-> If you have done this then follow the steps above again and be patient.

If you continue to have any further issues with our airless pumps, our team are always on hand to help - just drop us an email at

We also have this video explaining in detail how to use airless pump products.

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